Preseason AP Poll Accuracy

Usually, I save this type of article for the conclusion of bowl games, but I might as well get a leg up on it. Preseason Polls generate a lot of discussion, excitement, and hype for the college football season. How accurate are they though? They are not accurate at all. In 2021 over half of the teams that started the season ranked did not finish ranked. Many college football fans feel like we should wait a few weeks before releasing the initial poll. I think many love the idea that the College Football Playoff Rankings wait until later in the year to come out. Especially since it is the rankings that control who makes the Playoffs and the NY6 Bowl Games. So let’s go ahead and look at how accurate the 2022 AP Poll was.

Previously Ranked that are now Unranked

  • X #6 Texas A&M X
  • #9 Oklahoma X
  • #10 Baylor X
  • #12 Oklahoma State X
  • #15 Michigan State X
  • #16 Miami X
  • #17 Pitt X
  • #18 Wisconsin X
  • #19 Arkansas X
  • #20 Kentucky X
  • #21 Ole Miss X
  • #22 Wake Forest X
  • #23 Cincinnati X
  • #24 Houston X
  • #25 BYU X

Similar to 2021 the AP Poll has missed out on half of the Top 25. Except for this season FIFTEEN TEAMS started ranked that are now unranked. While the season is not over, some teams could battle their way back in the Top 25, I think it’s a safe bet to say it’s inaccurate. I think it’s getting harder even for the fair weathered college football fan to hold any weight in these preseason polls. To give them credit, I don’t think anyone saw previous #6 Texas A&M and some others imploding like they did, especially not AP Voters. So my question to you all would be what would you like to see happen with preseason polls. Are they still a good thing?

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