Power Five Teams that are eliminated from Bowl Contention

While we are in the middle of November and excitement fills the air, it’s not that way for some teams. There are some that already know their postseason fate. They will finish up the next two games knowing there is no bowl game waiting for them. With bowl games the school gets a payout, national attention, and players get the sweet gifts. It is an awesome reward for finishing above 500. While there are many that complain about too many bowl games, these power five teams below probably wish they were in one. So check out the teams that are not making a postseason bowl trip, and tell us which one you find most surprising.

Power Five Teams Staying Home for the Postseason

ACC: Boston College, Virginia, and Virginia Tech

Big 10: Indiana, Nebraska, and Northwestern

PAC 12: Arizona State, Cal, Colorado, and Stanford

SEC: Texas A&M

I think we can all agree that Texas A&M fans have to feel the most frustrated. After capping off the #1 recruiting class, and things seemingly heading the right way they have a blunder for a season. Not going bowling is unacceptable under a coach that is owed around $85,000,000.

The next on the list that is semi surprising is Stanford. Head Coach David Shaw was the beacon of consistency, going to eight straight bowl games in his first eight seasons. Stanford has missed out on a bowl game the past four seasons. For context it is important to put they chose not to attend during the 2020 COVID season at a 4-2 record.

Then you have Nebraska, who has not made a bowl game since 2016. This is the longest drought of all power five teams. Whomever is the next head football coach of the Cornhuskers at least has to make a bowl game immediately. It is a pretty strange feeling not seeing Big Red in the postseason.

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