Player Spotlight: Adam Pařízek

When one mentions football and Europe, soccer may be the sport that comes to mind.

In the case of Adam Pařízek, he’s as much of a football player as a football player can be. Pařízek is an 18-year-old from the Czech Republic, and is finishing up his last year of high school. In the Czech Republic, there isn’t traditional school football, but club organizations.

Pařízek plays with a variety of ages, and is trying to work on his craft daily. He has played for various teams across Europe, and has an exciting experience to share.

The easiest way to follow his journey is on Twitter @adam_parizek. We spoke to him about his path thus far:

1. What’s been your favorite experience playing football in Europe?

I think my favorite experience was my first football game ever. I remember that I was on kickoff return and right before the kick, I realized this is the game I want to play. Of course winning the under-15 flag football national championship is up there, but you know, it was long time ago.

2. As a European player, what are your goals for the game of football over the next few years?

My biggest dream is to play at the highest level as possible, and in Europe, that is the European League of Football. I will do my best to get there. I set myself a goal that I want to be there within three years’ time. My plan for next season: I will be back with my home team — the Brno Alligators .

This year, I accomplished one of biggest goals: I became an import player in Finland; it was amazing opportunity for me to be become a better player and also a better person. As an 18-year-old player, I was living my big dream and I can say that I would love to do it again.

3. What does the game of football mean to you?

Football is a big part of my life. I cannot imagine my life without it. My family supports me and I wouldn’t be able to play this amazing sport without their support.

Because of football, I met a lot of good friends. I believe that it was God’s plan for me to find myself in football.

4. How have you handled balancing your studies and the game at the same time?

To be honest, it’s really hard sometimes. I’m senior in high school, so I have a lot of school stuff and homework. I want to become lawyer, so I need to study in every free moment I have.

I study on trains and buses to Brno and from Prague since I do not play in the city I live in.

5. Would you like to come to the United States to compete here?

Of course I would; it’s another dream to play ball in the United States. I was supposed to go for a one-year exchange in the United States and play football there, but unfortunately, COVID(-19) came.

I hope that I will get an opportunity to go to some camp or whatever else there.