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Then and Now: The AP Poll From the Preseason to Today

by cfbmemes_

Photo courtesy of Cincinnati athletics

We are officially at a halfway point in the college football regular season.

There are always debates concerning polls, especially preseason polls. There is a good presence of college football fans that believe we should wait a few weeks into the season until teams are ranked.

While the flaws of the College Football Playoff Selection Committee are many, one of the cooler things they do is wait until near the last quarter of the season until they release their rankings. Obviously, we wouldn’t want the AP or Coaches Poll to wait that long, but perhaps a few weeks to see who is a contender or pretender is a good idea.

So, let’s take a look at how we started this season to see where we are now.

Preseason Top 25                                                        Current AP Poll (Week 6)

1) Alabama (currently No. 5)                                                                                              1) Georgia

2) Oklahoma (currently No. 4)                                                                                           2) Iowa

3) Clemson (unranked currently)                                                                                   3) Cincinnati

4) Ohio State (currently No. 6)                                                                                           4) Oklahoma

5) Georgia (currently No. 1)                                                                                                5) Alabama

6) Texas A&M (currently No. 21)                                                                                        6) Ohio State

7) Iowa State (unranked currently)                                                                                7) Penn State

8) Cincinnati (currently No. 3)                                                                                             8) Michigan

9) Notre Dame (currently No. 14)                                                                                       9) Oregon

10) North Carolina (unranked currently)                                                                      10) Michigan State

11) Oregon (currently No. 9)                                                                                               11) Kentucky

12) Wisconsin (unranked currently)                                                                            12) Oklahoma State

13) Florida (currently  No. 20)                                                                                          13) Ole Miss

14) Miami (unranked currently)                                                                                14) Notre Dame

15) USC (unranked currently)                                                                                      15) Coastal Carolina

16) LSU (unranked currently)                                                                                      16) Wake Forest

17) Indiana (unranked currently)                                                                                17) Arkansas

18) Iowa (currently No. 2)                                                                                                18) Arizona State

19) Penn State (currently No. 7)                                                                                       19) BYU

20) Washington (unranked currently)                                                                        20) Florida

21) Texas (currently No. 25)                                                                                             21) Texas A&M

22) Coastal Carolina (currently No. 15)                                                                            22) NC State

23) Louisiana (unranked currently)                                                                           23) SMU

24) Utah (unranked currently)                                                                                  24) San Diego State

25) Arizona State (currently No. 18)                                                                                 25) Texas


  • Michigan and Michigan State are the only two teams in the top 10 that started their season not ranked. Broaden that to the top 15 and you add Kentucky and Oklahoma State.
  • Cincinnati has reached AP No. 3 — its highest ranking ever.
  • Alabama is the only team in the top 10 with a loss to a team that was not ranked at the time.
  • The Big Ten and SEC make up for almost half of the AP Poll

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