Opinion: USF should have hired Deion Sanders Yesterday

Let’s get this straight, USF has nothing to lose at this point. Their main rival UCF seems to be leaving them behind rapidly, and the Bulls haven’t had a winning season since 2018. The situation almost reminds me of a certain FCS school that was in the dumps for a decade. Until they made the big hire of Deion Sanders and they are currently sitting at a 13-4 record in his tenure and a current #5 Rankings. In their short history USF has only had five head coaches starting in 1997. Outside of Jim Leavitt who helped start the program no USF Head Coach has lasted longer than four seasons. I think Coach Prime could be the homerun hire they are looking for, someone that could stay around for a long time and build USF Football. USF should have hired Deion Sanders yesterday!

Make the Hire Already USF

Deion has been on record several times that he would seriously consider a FBS/P5 job if it was offered to him. As he has said “who wouldn’t entertain it?” While USF isn’t a power five team it has the potential to be. That would be an article for another day. As we all know Deion was born in Fort Myers which is a short two hour drive to Tampa where USF is located. The prestige of a FBS job near your hometown has to be enticing. Not only that but I think USF could save some money doing this, as it would be them taking a chance. At this point they have nothing to lose, and Deion has the biggest upswing to bring out the potential in USF Football. SCARED MONEY DON’T MAKE MONEY!

Neutralize the UCF Influence

Whether you like UCF or hate UCF you have to admit they have done a wonderful job branding themselves. From putting QR Codes on player uniforms, to Space U and plenty of other innovative things UCF has done awesome for their brand. Not only that but they are heading to the Big 12 and leaving USF behind. In the 2022 recruiting cycle UCF finished #53 according to 247 while USF finished #91. I am a firm believer that if USF doesn’t make the right coaching hire this cycle they may never catch UCF. Just name recognition alone, who do you think these south Florida kids would rather play for Gus Malzahn or Deion Sanders? Something has to be done to bridge the major separation between UCF and USF.

Recruiting a Deion Sanders Specialty 

Who better to build up the USF brand than the brand master himself Coach Primetime? Even with such hurdles as no on campus stadium yet, lack of recent success I think he could hit the ground running just like at Jackson State. With those teams leaving the AAC for the Big 12, USF could be the face of the conference. There is no doubt USF wouldn’t lack exposure if Deion was there.

Not only that but you would never see a #91 recruiting ranking ever again. If Deion can pull the nations number one recruit, leverage the transfer portal at Jackson State, I would hate to see what he could do at USF. Also the NIL deals would definitely be coming through Tampa.

Someone that will stay at USF

Now this part is straight anecdotal and totally my opinion. As you know Deion’s collegiate coach was Bobby Bowden the father of Florida State football. Obviously we know how much he loved and respected Bobby Bowden. Could he want to build his own program at the major level similar to his coach. If USF can get Coach Prime onboard I genuinely do not see him leaving. I will leave with the opinion I started with, USF should have hired Deion Sanders Yesterday.