Ohio State in the AP Poll

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you know that The Ohio State Buckeyes are one of the most successful teams in all of College Football. Year in and year out it seems like the Buckeyes consistently compete for national championships. In the last thirty years, they had one losing season, and that was under an interim coach under rare circumstances.

If you didn’t know Ohio State lays claim to 8 National Championships, 41 Conference Championships, and 7 Heisman Trophy Winners. They have had some down spots in their history but not many.

Today we are going to focus on their success in the AP Poll. The AP Poll has been around since 1936, and for the majority of college football, it has been the most relevant poll.

Even with the start of the College Football Playoffs in 2014, the AP Poll still holds relevance. Majority of the season the CFP doesn’t release their rankings until later, and they do not release the final rankings at the conclusion of the season. So a lot of times the media figureheads do hold influence a lot still.

Ohio State is a frequent flyer in the AP Poll as they have the most weekly appearances of all time in college football history. Entering the 2023 season sits at 966 weeks of appearances in the AP Poll. The #2 team is their arch-rival Michigan who comes in at 903 weeks of appearances.

By the time the current Freshman class finishes at Ohio State, they are projected to crack the 1,000-week mark. That is something that is incredible and speaks volumes about the Ohio State program.

Weeks in The AP Poll

Ohio State 966
Michigan 903
Oklahoma 882
Alabama 857
Notre Dame 857
USC 803
Texas 757
Nebraska 730
Penn State 679
LSU 649

It’s crazy to see the difference in margin from #1 all the way down to #10. The difference in weeks between #1 Ohio State and #10 LSU is 317 weeks. Talk about a wild margin for two teams you often see in the AP Poll.

Not only that you should consider that 40% of the top ten in this category are from the Big Ten Conference. Between the four current Big Ten teams they have been ranked in the AP Poll for a combined 3,272.

Ohio State is also very impressive at appearing at AP #1 for several weeks. While in this category they are #2, it would make sense since they are always in the Poll.

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