Notre Dame to Face Boise State in 2025 Matchup

Notre Dame has slated a future clash with Boise State for October 4, 2025. This matchup, set to take place in Notre Dame Stadium, will mark the first-ever meeting between the two programs.

Boise State comes from the Mountain West Conference and wrapped up the 2023 season with an 8-6 record. They went 6-2 in conference play, culminating in an appearance at the LA Bowl against UCLA.

This announcement means that Notre Dame will have faced or plans to face 90 out of the 134 Football Bowl Subdivision teams. A growing list of unique matchups continues to enhance Notre Dame’s storied history.

Historically, Notre Dame boasts a solid record against teams from the Mountain West Conference. They stand 32-6 overall against future MWC teams and 16-4 in South Bend.

Details regarding kickoff times and television broadcasts are still to come. Fans will need to stay tuned for further updates.

In 2024, Notre Dame is set to face Northern Illinois for the first time. The addition of Boise State enriches the schedule with new and varied competition.

With both announcements, Notre Dame continues to diversify its slate, drawing from different conferences and regions.

Fans have expressed mixed feelings about the 2024 schedule, feeling it lacks excitement. The addition of Boise State brings a fresh, intriguing flavor to the lineup.

Balancing mandated games and traditional rivalries always poses a challenge for Notre Dame’s scheduling. However, the inclusion of Boise State stands as a commendable move.

The dynamic between two non-traditional adversaries like Notre Dame and Boise State is sure to attract considerable interest. It’s an electrifying prospect for college football enthusiasts.

In essence, Notre Dame’s planning seems to cater not only to strategic competition but also to the fan experience. The 2025 campaign promises to be far from mundane.