Northwestern Football Coach Pat Fitzgerald to Depart After More Than a Decade at the Helm

News just in – Northwestern has made the severe decision to part ways with Pat Fitzgerald, as confirmed by @Matt_Fortuna.

Investigation into Hazing Allegations at Northwestern

Northwestern University announced its decision to hire an external investigator for probing allegations of hazing within the school’s football program, revealed in January. This investigation was initiated in response to an anonymous allegation that surfaced this November.

Maggie Hickey to Lead Investigation

Maggie Hickey has been selected as the head of the investigation. Hickey spearheads the ArentFox, Schiff firm’s Complex Litigation Group in addition to the Government Enforcement & White Collar Group, both of which specialize in conducting internal reviews.

Illustrious Past of Hazing at Northwestern

Recently, a detailed report of the alleged hazing was published by the Daily Northwestern. The investigative piece was a collaborative effort between Nicole Markus, Alyce Brown, Cole Reynolds, and Divya Bhardwaj of the Daily Northwestern. The hazing in question was represented by an ex-player, and later confirmed by another former player.

“Running” – The Harrowing Hazing Activity

According to the ex-player’s account, hazing at Northwestern was centered around a ritual known as “running.” A player who made a fault during the practice would be restrained by 8 to10 senior students wearing “Purge-like masks.” These upperclassmen would proceed to simulate sexual gestures on the victim in a dark locker room.

This ritual became customary around the festive season, with events like “Runsgiving” and “Runsmas”. A whiteboard, featuring a list of players under the sections “Runsgiving” and “Shrek’s list”, was reportedly on display. The commencement of the “running” was signalled by players performing a “Shrek Clap”; an act of clapping their hands over the player.

The End of an Era

The unwelcome news marks the closing chapter of Fitzgerald’s tenure at Northwestern. His dedicated service to the Wildcats has been unyielding since he assumed head coaching responsibilities in 2006. His tenure has indeed been underscored by memorable accomplishments.

Years of Dedication

Pat Fitzgerald, an illustrious figure notorious for his strategic acumen, has given more than a decade of service to the Wildcats. Fitzgerald’s proficiency not only transformed Northwestern’s fortunes but also etched an indelible impression on the Big Ten landscape.

Legacy and Achievements

All good things must come to an end, however, and Fitzgerald unfortunately finds himself in at the end of his tenure despite a decorated career. The legacy he leaves behind is noteworthy – bowl victories, National Championship appearances, and a beacon of stability in the fluctuating world of college football.

In his relentless pursuit of greatness, Fitzgerald has amassed commendable recognition and respect within the collegiate sports community.

Moving Forward

We anticipate an official announcement with details of Fitzgerald’s departure. But the question that lingers on all our minds is – what comes next for Northwestern?

The Wildcats have undoubtedly been left in a quandary. Who will step up to fill the void Fitzgerald leaves behind? These are questions only time will answer. Rest assured, Fifth Quarter will be at the forefront to bring you all the latest developments.