Photo courtesy of New York Jets

On April 27, 2017, the New York Jets drafted LSU safety, Jamal Adams, with the sixth overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft. The second he hit the field, he became a significant presence in the locker room with his abilities and leadership.

He’s been the face of the franchise for the last few years. Many people believe he is the best player on the Jets’ roster. As a rookie in 2017, he was a second-team All-Pro and last year, was a first-team All-Pro safety. He’s also been to consecutive Pro Bowls. To most, he is a top safety along with Eddie Jackson (Chicago Bears), Minkah Fitzpatrick (Pittsburgh Steelers), Derwin James (Los Angeles Chargers), and Kevin Byard (Tennessee Titans).

Positional Value

The New York Jets, right now, do have a lot on their plate. They are in dire need for a No. 1 wide receiver, a superstar offensive lineman, an elite edge rusher, and a No. 1 cornerback. On top of that, the Jets have all the leverage against Adams’ trade request and wanting a contract extension.

He still has about three years left guaranteed with the Jets. His position isn’t exactly the most important or needed compared to lineman, edge rushers, or wide receivers. He doesn’t win the positional value point.

Adams likes to compare himself to Myles Garrett, Christian McCaffrey, Patrick Mahomes, and Deshaun Watson on getting his payday. All those proven stars are in contract talks or have already have been signed to a contract extension. Yet, those players have done things Adams hasn’t been able to. Garrett has put up 10-plus sacks in his last two years.

McCaffrey was an Offensive Player of the Year candidate and was an All-Pro at two different positions. Mahomes is an MVP and Super Bowl MVP — no need to speak any more about him. Watson was able to lead his team to the playoffs twice and put up high numbers. They deserve the payday they will receive.

Adams doesn’t have the positional value to do this. He wasn’t able to lead the Jets to a win this year without quarterback Sam Darnold playing in the game.

Adams’ Case

Adams has also been a 2-time All-Pro and Pro Bowl safety. He has established himself as a top player in the league. The Jets shouldn’t rush to sign with to a five-year, $100 million contract. They should aim for $16-$18 million per year instead of a whopping $20 million a year.

If they decide to trade him, they shouldn’t take anything less than a first-round pick and a good player. Adams has insisted on being traded to Dallas, but can owner Jerry Jones afford him?

The Jets should try to extend him to prove they can keep a superstar in his prime. For example, Keyshawn Johnson and Darrelle Revis left the Jets and won Super Bowls to their next teams. If Adams wins a Super Bowl, New York certainly wants him to do so while wearing green.