NFL Draft Picks by College

While the other day was National Signing Day, there is a huge day brewing for college football’s seniors and draft-eligible players. While some NIL money is on the line for recruiting, in a few months there will be some serious money on the line for some future NFL Players. The NFL Draft this year will be from April 27th – April 29th.

This article is dedicated to the teams that have put the most talent in the NFL All-Time and recently. All-Time is important as it lays the foundation of tradition. Well, recent is also important as it directly correlates with whether a team has success recruiting or not.

If your team does not have success putting players in the league they probably aren’t signing successful classes for recruiting. A program can take a lot of pride in the success they have in the NFL Draft.

NFL Draft Picks by College All-Time

Notre Dame 522
USC 520
Ohio State 479
Oklahoma 409
Michigan 392
Alabama 391
Penn State 375
LSU 369
Florida 367
Nebraska 366

If you look closely there could be some shifting in the rankings for this category. Especially at the #1 and #2 spot. Rivals Notre Dame and USC have a very thin margin between each other. Meanwhile, if you go down the line you see bluebloods like Michigan and Alabama also have a one-spot margin. Keep an eye on the shifting of teams in this category.

NFL Draft First-Round Picks by College All-Time

Ohio State 87
USC 84
Alabama 76
Notre Dame 70
Miami 67
Florida 57
Michigan 50
LSU 49
Oklahoma 49
FSU 46
Tennessee 46

If I am an elite recruit trying to choose a program, this is the first statistic I am looking at. Which schools have been putting players in the first round, and which ones have been doing it recently. By the time Nick Saban is done at Alabama, I guarantee he will have them at #1 All Time. Right now Georgia is at #13 with 44 first-round picks, but that is about to change.

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