Photo courtesy of Rutgers University

This is going to be a new segment here, hopefully weekly. It’ll definitely be bi-weekly. I also cannot confirm this will be the permanent title. Everything is a work.

This column will not be limited to college football, or even the broader college sports landscape. At the end of the day, I hope they will all be drawn back together, whether it be by me leading you there, or it making you think back to college sports.

Two things I know, two things I feel, and one thing I think you should know.

I Know

I know things will return to “normal” one day. We will congregate again. We will party again, and we will tailgate again. Hopefully very soon, but it will all happen. If you want to expedite the process, there are things you can do. Wear a mask. Don’t go out if you are sick. Clean surfaces often, and wash your hands.

I know we are all hurting — one way or another — but as I said above, we will all be OK soon. I know that. This country will be better for everything we have been through the last few months, whether it’s COVID-19 or the systemic racism that has been brought to the forefront of the country and continues to roll towards true freedom for all.

I Feel

I feel like, and I will be the villain for this, but I feel like we will not have a college football season in the fall. It’s the second week in July. No decision has been made yet, but with the upward trend of COVID cases in states like Florida and the fact that as more states open, more cases will emerge, I feel like this is inevitable.

I also feel like there is a change in the world. This directly ties to college sports, so pay attention. 2020 top basketball prospect Makur Maker, who is indeed currently in the 2020 NBA Draft pool, intends to enroll at Howard — an HBCU — if he isn’t a first-rounder.

Maker, who is the brother of NBA player Thon Maker of the Detroit Pistons, chose Howard over schools like UCLA, Kentucky, and Memphis.

Maker chose Howard.

The same Howard that went 4-29 last season.

The same Howard that hasn’t been to the NCAA tournament since 1992.

Maker chose Howard, where he makes a statement.

You Need to Know

Not everyone is on your side. That is something a lot of people need to realize.

I’m going to be seen as a villain for this but it must be said. This is for the kids who see themselves surrounded by offers, whether it’s five, 10, 20, or 30.

You might be the kid waiting for just one offer, you might be the one about to try to pick a school out of 30 that offered you. You might even be the kid waiting for an offer from your dream school.

Anyone in any of those scenarios needs to listen up, because there are a few things you need to know and keep in mind.

Not everyone has your best interest in mind. College football is a business, and you are about to make a business decision. Be prepared to lose contact with a lot of people once you commit. These people might be coaches that you talked to or players at other schools you may have become friends with.

Just remember, it’s a business decision. You aren’t just picking a college for the next four years, you are picking an education. Make sure that education will take you further than football because while you may be the best player in your school or town, you’re about to go to school with other guys who have heard the same thing.

Not all of you will make it to the league.