Nationally, many identify with the two teams, but many forget that they both exist in the same city – Tallahassee. A lot of great football is played in Tallahassee, as it boasts 2 D-1 schools and four national championships. Tallahassee even has great local high school talent – enough to feed both programs at times. Today, we did some helmet concepts that fit both schools, and something you guys may like. So check it out, and give us your opinions below.


Florida A&M Inverted

Many are used to the predominantly orange FAMU helmet with the orange Rattler. Sometimes Florida A&M sports the green stripe in the middle of the helmet. Our concept uses the retro FAMU green, pairs it with the tradional Rattler, with an orange stripe down the middle.

Fun Fact: Florida A&M won the first ever 1978 1-AA (FCS) National Championship with the playoff format. They also defeated the 1979 1-A (FBS) Miami Hurricanes in Doak Campbell Stadium.


Florida A&M White Out



Florida A&M Black Out

Florida State Osceola Head

Off the top of my head, the 1968 Inaugural Peach Bowl was the last time I remember FSU sporting something other than spears on their helmets. While this would never happen, it is definitely cool to think about. Obviously, if the concept did go through the gold would be brightened up some.



While the turquoise has never made an appearance for anything but the basketball team, the popularity could make its way to several other sports. If Florida State had this blue concept for football, they would undoubtedly have the best uniform in college football. There’s just something about the baby blue and maroon color combination that’s appealing – even if it’s the 1970’s Phillies or Cardinals. The N7 concept celebrates Native American Heritage Month. That is why you have only seen it for basketball – who wears it very selectively.


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