It is that time again in the offseason where we start analyzing the scheduling for 2020.

For many years, we just assumed how tough schedules would be until the official AP or Coaches Poll came out. Thankfully, we now have Bill Connelly and his SP+ Rankings, that can update frequently and even in the offseason.

The SP+ Rankings have quickly become a reputable way to judge teams based on their efficiency. Today, we are going to break down two teams that definitely have the toughest schedules in college football for 2020.


Imagine being first-year head coach Sam Pittman, and this being your first ever major head coaching job. The program has been lackluster in recruiting the past couple of cycles compared to their SEC foes, haven’t had a winning season since 2016, and are given one of the toughest 2020 football schedules.

Eight of their 12 opponents are in the SP+ top 50. Six of the twelve opponents are in the SP+ top 20. Playing in the SEC West is traditionally difficult to play in, as it boast six national champions the past decade. Add an out of conference opponent in Notre Dame, it makes the schedule that much more difficult.

Arkansas Key Opponents with SP+ Rankings

#1 Alabama

#6 LSU

#10 Texas A&M

#11 Auburn

#12 Notre Dame

#19 Tennessee

#37 Ole Miss

#43 Mississippi State

South Carolina

Imagine being Will Muschamp, who is firmly placed on the hot seat after just having the toughest schedule of 2019. The word around Columbia is that if he doesn’t go at least 6-6, he will more than likely be taking an exit.

While in the SEC East, the Gamecocks are lucky enough to play the defending national champions as their divisional cross-over game in LSU. Even without the conference, their in-state rival Clemson has not slowed up at all, and will be a top team again in 2020.

South Carolina Key Opponents with SP+ Rankings

#3 Clemson

#4 Georgia

#6 LSU

#7 Florida

#10 Texas A&M

#19 Tennessee

#28 Kentucky

#49 Missouri

Full SP+ Rankings from ESPN can be found here

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