2019 FSU-NCSU Preview

by | Sep 26, 2019 | Football, News, Previews, Sports

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2019 FSU-NCSU Game Info

When FSU’s on Offense

I have come to the conclusion that FSU just has a good offense. Sometimes. When it wants to. When it’s not getting blown up by bad blocking. FSU is going to do what FSU is going to do. Look for us to come out early and score points against this defense. It wasn’t good last year, but is better this year. They return their secondary, and do a decent job at defending both pass and run. Think of them as being on roughly the same level of play as Boise State. They were good, but we still put up points. I believe that FSU will still experience a scoreless drought in the middle of the game. At this point, small sample size is starting to turn into what this team is.

When FSU’s on Defense

Rinse and repeat here for the FSU defense. They will play good, but will still frustrate you. Cheer them on anyway. NC State runs almost 50/50 run/pass ratio, but this isn’t the 75% completion rate of Ryan Finley – this is the 58% passing of Matthew McKay. They also have a new offensive coordinator, as Eli Drinkwitz is now at Appalachian State. This definitely changes the complexion of the NC State offense. Almost 25% of completions go to Emeka Emezie, and the next receiver isn’t close. Running the ball, they split carries between Ricky Person and true freshman Zonovan Knight. FSU’s defense must play more aggressively, or we will lose – the Wolfpack likes to go fast, running around 80 plays per game. We must go for broke to stop the run and try to turn this team over and get the ball back to our offense.

Other Factors

Punt returner Thayer Thomas is dangerous on punts, having already returned one for a touchdown. Look for the FSU punt team to put the ball a little higher and shorter, or just kick away from him, to try to keep field position in check.

Score Predictions

John:42-28 FSU. The Wolfpack are ranked 74th in pass defense and haven’t really been tested yet. This is a great game for whoever plays QB.

Cory: 35-31 FSU. This game follows the same pattern as every other game we play. FSU gets out to an early lead, the Wolfpack come back and make it a game, but FSU pulls it out. I’m hoping the home crowd is now used to this and, having seen a win, doesn’t get discouraged.

James: 35-32 FSU. NC State misses a field goal to take it into overtime.

Mike: 34-24 FSU. After showing tangible improvement since the start of ACC play, Florida State looks like a team starting to piece things together. NC State comes in 3-1, but was handled 44-27 on the road by a West Virginia team that was blown out by Missouri and struggled with James Madison and Kansas. Hopefully enough people show up to give FSU a real home-field advantage.

Danielle: 38-24 FSU NC State uses a balanced attack, but they are completing only 58.7% of their passes. They are more effective at the run. Like previous games, this year FSU must keep pressure on the quarterback and stop the run.