Randy Clements: What to Expect, Part 1

by | Aug 12, 2019 | Analysis, News

We all would like to forget 2018 FSU’s O-Line. Regardless of our extreme inability to block last year, we should have hope in what’s to come this year. Taggart hit a grand slam in the hiring of Briles and Clements. I went back and watched some Baylor film, and what I saw has me excited. The worst-case scenario is a more physical offensive line. Every tape I watch from Baylor, Southeastern (FL) and Houston showcases physicality at the point of attack. Let’s take a look at what a Randy Clements Offensive Line looks like.


Who remembers the Pick-6 in the Notre Dame game? This front happened on the very next possession. A five-man box is just disrespectful. But…our line deserved that disrespect.

This was the low point of the 2018 season. Under Clements, I highly doubt you see defenses giving us a five man box, and if they do, we will be able to make them pay. I cannot wait to see how the fundamentals of our zone running attack improve this spring – this is one of my keys for the Spring Game.


The Clements Effect

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This is the 2015 Baylor-Oklahoma game. In Kendall Briles’ offense there isn’t that much run variation, but they perfect what plays they do have. Throughout this game, the offensive line was physical, yet fundamentally sound. One key to this was the ability of the Baylor offensive line to effectively double-team, then climb to the second level. As we see in the play above, Baylor runs power with their backside offensive tackle pulling to block the playside LB. From center to playside offensive tackle, they seal off the DE, NG, and MLB. This allows the running back to cut inside the pulling tackle. The play, in all its glory, is below.


Need to see the Power Again?


This time we are near the goal line, and Baylor is ready to punch it in. This is what the detractors of this offense want to see – can you run effectively from shotgun near the end zone? Look at the new line of scrimmage Baylor creates as they push the Sooners back. The backside tackle pulls on power once again, and you can see that the playside LB wanted NONE of it. Expect a culture of fundamentals and physicality coming soon.

Zone isn’t for the finesse

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Take a look at this zone play Baylor runs the play immediately before. Now watch the first play. Tell me the difference. Watch how the right guard climbs to the second level and attacks the MLB. Even though he almost misses, his effort creates an effective play. We couldn’t climb to second level defenders to save our lives last season. Take note of the physicality of the line and the back to earn the first down.


Part Two: Next, we’ll focus on Clements’ year at NAIA school Southeastern University. A lot of people complain about not having the talent along the the OL. A great position coach can get effectiveness from any moderate to high-level recruit. Stay tuned!

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