The Testing of Kendal Briles

by | Dec 31, 2018 | News

testing of Kendal Briles

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The hiring of Kendal Briles had a very interesting twist in terms of compliance – the University re-tried Briles during the compliance process. This shows that FSU was not making a win at all costs move to hire Briles. FSU has been looking into this for longer than was known. This explains why the process took longer than many fans expected.

FSU understood the public perception of this move. The optics of the move worried Taggart, which why FSU conducted a more thorough investigation. FSU approached this matter in an attempt to prove he knew more as opposed to just hiring him. The university rightfully wanted to make sure that they could back the decision with 100% conscience.

FSU interviewed many Baylor stakeholders and asked about Briles’ involvement. It turns out that there is no smoking gun, only speculation. Baylor rehired Briles twice, and he a leading candidate for numerous jobs that did not put him through the wringer. This shows me that he has moved past the situation and is not going to put himself into a situation like that again. Taggart would not intentionally turn up the heat on his own seat if he felt it wasn’t worth it. His job is to do what’s best for himself and the lives of the men and women who work in the football program.

Free Shoes University

The national media has been in FSU’s backyard since agents shut down Foot Locker. FSU isn’t afraid of the New York Times or any other publication that doesn’t have anything better to do. FSU has always been a fishbowl program that is in the media for good and bad, fair or unfair. We do not lose sleep over the thoughts of sheep and what others do for clicks. We should demand that anybody on the beat or national stage show both sides of a story.

Wouldn’t it be more effective if we demanded the university put more into awareness of rape culture? Have the athletic department lead efforts of time, talent and treasure to make sure a Baylor situation doesn’t happen at FSU. Donate a portion of tickets, see Briles put his own money up to help for numerous women’s causes (similar to Taggart with booster donations), have players go speak to survivors are some easy options for the university to pursue.

Our current media shows that folks don’t want to hear the truth if the lie is more entertaining. Fifth Quarter is here to provide you a channel that shows reality and you decide what you want – not to pander to a side. We give you the facts in a even-handed, fair way. I’m a Doak Boyz and will always be – no matter who is the head coach or coordinator. There are times to be critical, and times to actually explain what is going on.

The Bottom Line

This thing reminds me of The Godfather scene, I know he was guilty, but found innocent. It’s still an awesome quote.

“I have not taken refuge behind the 5th amendment, though it is my right to do. I challenge this committee to produce any witness or evidence against me. And if they do not, I hope they will have the decency to clear my name with the same publicity with which they now have besmirched it.”


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