2018 Early Signing Day Review

by | Dec 22, 2018 | News

James Coleman

This past week the fandom mulled over the events of what happened during Early Signing Day (ESD).  ESD is a new trend giving prospects an opportunity to shut their commitment down and sign early. Yesterday we saw around 75%-80% of major prospects sign, and FSU hauled in a great chunk of their class. I was able to sit down with college football analyst Mark Rogers, and discuss what really happened with ESD yesterday. We talked about many recruits that signed, some recruits we missed, offensive coordinator possibilities, and maybe a graduate transfer. Below you will find a link to the video, if you would like to watch the whole clip.  
Main Early Signing Day Takes 
We all know now the back story of Sam Howell. It sucks, but this could be a bullet dodged and Florida State could come out on the better end. If a prospect wants to join a two win program, with no national relevance, that is not who we want to command the offense in Tallahassee. The Howells were able to convince Taggart to go all in on Sam. It was a mistake by Taggart, but he has the opportunity to lock up something better.  
Akeem Dent continues to be a Florida State lock, especially with family already on the roster. Alabama is making a push, but sources tell me he is really not a take for them currently.  
Nick Cross is actively recruiting for Florida State, and trying to welcome others into the 2019 class. He has been very vocal with others (Akeem Dent and Brendan Gant) trying to get Justin Fields to come aboard.  
Five star offensive tackle Darnell Wright from West Virginia is still on the board. Wright shut down his recruitment during his high school football season, but is reopening. The Florida State staff plans to go all out for him until the last second on the official signing day.  
Florida State ends up signing around 26 prospects on the official National Signing Day and finishes within the top 10.  
Graduate Transfer Hot Take
  All signs show that Kendal Briles is unofficially official as our offensive coordinator. Houston was only held under 40 points in 2 games last year. A name to watch out for is D’Eriq King, Houston’s starting quarterback until game 11 due to injury. If we could land him, that is a season without teaching a quarterback how to make the reads needed to run the offense. Don’t you wish we had a mobile quarterback last season? 

William Putnam (OL) out of Tampa makes his decision today at 1 PM. It is between Florida State and Clemson.  

Full Video Link from the Mark Rodgers Show CLICK HERE!