Recruiting Emoji Analysis (Kayvon Thibodeaux)

by | Sep 24, 2018 | ACC, FSU, News, Recruiting

Today is an article that no one should take too seriously, but maybe something that would pique some interest. This article could be a trend setter on how people predict recruiting, especially the ones that claim they have sources but base it on nothing. Right now, I have no affiliation with the nation’s number one recruit Kayvon Thibodeaux; however, he is very vocal on Twitter. The process of this analysis is inspired by South Park season 20 episode 06 – the episode where Heidi plans to track down the troll by using “emoji analysis.” She analyzed all the emoji usage of the people of South Park and best matched it with the troll. So let’s use a little “emoji analysis” of our own and see if we can base how Kayvon Thibodeaux likes one school over another.


Emoji Analysis



Kayvon Thibodeaux

  • Nation’s #1 Recruit
  • Defensive End
  • Oaks Christian High School, CA

Official Visit List

  1. Florida State 09/03
  2. Alabama 09/22
  3. Florida 10/06
  4. Oregon 10/13
  5. TBD (probably Southern Cal)

Currently, most recruiting “experts” are putting him as a lean towards Florida State. If you follow Kayvon, you know it’s about more than just football, and he has bigger plans on his mind. So he might surprise everyone and go the totally opposite direction. He visited Florida State on their first game during Labor Day weekend, and claimed he loved it. As with the first visit at Alabama, he had a great time on his official visit this weekend in Tuscaloosa. With those being the only two schools he has officially visited, those are the teams we will focus on.

Florida State

Emoji: 🍒🍒🍒

Emoji Usage: 14 Times

Timeframe: September 1 to September 3






With positive Tweets and RTs after the game


Emoji: 🐘🐘🐘 and the Twitter Alabama “A”

Emoji Usage: 10 times

Timeframe: September 8 to September 24



Closing Thoughts


I admire howΒ Kayvon Thibodeaux is handling this recruiting process. He is having a lot of fun during it, and not stressing at all. This should be a fun process for kids, and they shouldn’t have to worry about outside aspects. He is having fun, but he is still putting his high school team first, which I LOVE. Whoever gets his commitment will be a lucky team on and off the field.

The “emoji analysis” is going to be interesting as the season goes on, especially with his next visits to Florida and Oregon. Florida State fans have to hope that a better emoji will come out for them soon though.

Would there be any other recruit that emoji analysis would be useful for? Drop them in the comments below!


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