Keith Gavin has second straight career game

by | Sep 24, 2018 | News

After the career game against Syracuse, Keith Gavin had a second career game against Northern Illinois. Not only has he had two straight career games, but he is also now the leading wide receiver on the team. While the junior year for this Seminole is starting out strong, he still catches a lot of criticism. Drops have been an issue, and, while he still has a ways to go, ‘Nole fans have to be happy with his production so far.

Keith Gavin

  • Receptions: 17
  • Receiving Yards: 237
  • Long: 39


He’s finally starting to use his body to position himself for the best possible catches. In the first .gif, there’s not much separation. He’s showing his ability to get in front and use his body to shield the defender. In the second and third .gif, we see a great throw by Francois. Gavin also show great awareness by getting upfield. The third reception was also a great job getting upfield and putting his head down. After watching the second and third .gifs, Gavin wouldn’t be a bad option in the quick game due to him keeping his head down and moving forward.