Start Brady Scott?

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Last week against Samford, a hot topic was the performance of Brady Scott. This week against Syracuse we did not see Mr. Scott until midway through the fourth quarter. FSU fans are clamoring to the message boards wondering why Brady Scott did not get in until late. So far it seems like Brady holds a lot of potential and is one of the most fundamental offensive lineman. Brady is a 6’6 300+ offensive lineman who deserves to start this week in my opinion. Let us get a better glimpse at the offensive lineman that chose us instead of Mississippi State and Georgia Tech. 



During the game against Syracuse every offensive lineman had serious problems. Even though this article is supposed to be a positive light towards Brady he had problems as well. During his time in the fourth quarter he got Francois hit twice, and had his own trouble. But in this case, I think there is a lot of good where development of the red shirt freshmen needs to start now!

Although on the first drive he was in, he did something that was rarely seen on Saturday. He used his post foot to stop the defensive end from going inside of him. This helped complete a big play to Keith Gavin, one of the biggest plays of the day. 

He kicked back normally with shoulders square, the defender went inside, and he planted the post foot cutting off any inside traction from the defender. If he didn’t use his post foot the defender would of had a clear path to Francois, and another big hit.

Staying in Front


Even though technique wasn’t perfect here, he did not keep his shoulders square, he did manage to stay in front of the defender. Staying in front of the defender was something the offensive line didn’t do at all on Saturday. Brady Scott seems like the type to keep his shoulders square most of the time. The killer in pass protection for the offensive line is turning their shoulders, and let defenders run the hoop on then.

Brady Scott Starts if….

  • Keeps his shoulders square consistently, and does not open his hips
  • Stays in front of the defender
  • Becomes a more physical offensive lineman


The Northern Illinois game this week, is one of the last chances we can throw Brady in the fire and see what he’s made of. It will be better to see him start now, instead of waiting for Miami or Clemson…What are your thoughts on starting Brady Scott?


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1 Comment

  1. Rednollah

    Maybe they are trying to bring him along slowly, so they don’t have similar mental to our current group? Or maybe he doesn’t have the endurance yet?