The Syracuse Mismatch Problem (Jamal Custis)

by | Sep 11, 2018 | News

Two games into the 2018 season the Syracuse Orange have been lighting up the scoreboard. From rushing with their veteran quarterback Eric Dungey to throwing it up to wide receiver Jamal Custis. In this article Custis is going to be the one we will focus on. So far this season Florida State has struggle on giving up the nine route in one on one match ups. Syracuse is going to try to exploit that this week, as they have exploited the previous two teams with it.

#17 Jamal Custis


  • 6-5 224 lbs
  • 11 Receptions
  • 209 Receiving Yards
  • 3 TDs



As you can see in the gif above, one on one with Custis is a hard match up to win. He is what we hope Keith Gavin and Tamorrion Terry will give us. He uses all of his 6-5 frame to box out defensive backs and high points the ball. With our defensive backs undersized there will have to be some varied schemes to defend this.




FSU Defensive Backs


  • Levonta Taylor 5-10
  • Kyle Meyers 6-0
  • AJ Westbrook 6-0
  • Jaiden Woodbey 6-3
  • Asante Samuel 5-10
  • Isaiah Bolden 6-2
  • Carlos Becker 6-2
  • AJ Lytton 5-11


In my opinion this week we are going to need safety help over the top, and always shifted towards Custis’ way. The guy is just too much of a specimen to not have four eyes on at all times. The other receivers for Syracuse do not scare me at all, and none of them are even past 70 receiving yards on the year so far. If you are the defensive coordinator, how are you scheming against this?


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