Why Deondre Francois is the Starter

by | Sep 5, 2018 | ACC, FSU, News

Forget the numbers and forget the efficiency, a quarterback needs more than those two things. If a quarterback cannot lead a team, then nothing will happen towards the big picture. You cannot have efficiency without a leader, and you cannot have success without a leader. Deondre Francois is a leader and that is why he is your starting quarterback at Florida State University. Let us look into it further, to show you why it should have never been a doubt to keep him on the field Monday night.

He. Sells. Out.

Multiple times in the game, Deondre Francois threw blocks like the one above. No one wanted to win Monday night more than he did. Yes we know he had interceptions, and mistakes but his heart was there. For someone who hadn’t seen action in over a year, he honestly did better than I thought he would. This is the type of guy that would rather win for his teammates than worry about himself. I am looking forward to seeing hustle, heart, and effort from our leader all season long.

Leadership and Accountability


(There is a typo in this tweet, instead of him it should be them) This quote tells you all you need to know about Francois. He is the commander of the offense, and they are all bought into the Taggart system. We all know there is no where but up from here. The quote above is a guarantee that there is no giving up like last season, and things will improve. For those that were calling for him to be benched, you should just be patient. His leadership is why he is the commander right now.


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