As a blogger that is pro Florida State, has season tickets in section 37, and will always support the program, I will always be a realist. I will give props when they are due, and call something out as I see it. Unlike some of the fanbase, I am not a cliff jumper, and realize there were some things that need fixing. Most of it is easy fixing that would give us more success, and a better chance to win ball games. The average fan will never realize how hard it is to win a ball game no matter who it is against. One of the things that I saw last night that needs immediate fixing is personnel. While some things are going to take a longer due process (the OL) let us focus on the easy fixes.

Blocking on the perimeter

Part of the “Lethal Simplicity” offense requires wide receivers blocking on the perimeter. For bubble screens, fast screens, HB swings, etc. On the first series of the game Florida State ran a HB swing/flare to Jacques Patrick and had DJ Matthews as one of his blockers.

There are two problems with this. Let us start with Patrick being the center of the play call. This play does not fill the skill sets of Jacques Patrick. He is a north and south runner, not someone to catch a swing pass out in space.

The second problem is that 5’10 157 lbs DJ Matthews is the one blocking. This would have been better suited for DJ catching the ball in space, and Patrick the one blocking. As you can see in the gif above, DJ is not the one suited for blocking.


DO NOT take carries away from three 5* Backs


Let’s go ahead and ignore that this play was designed to fail, unless we had a quarterback that could pull it. This was a jet sweep towards the right, and the offensive line was reaching and running left (to influence the defense). I love the Noonie show as much as anyone but he is not great with ball security. If any receiver had to run the jet sweep it should have been Gavin or Matthews.

That being said, we have three great running backs, and receivers should not be taking any carries away from them. There is no excuse for Laborn not getting a carry last night, while Noonie did. As Laborn showed last night, he can make plays from the slot, he would be perfect for this situation. A fumble would have been negated with a ball carrier like Laborn executing this play.


Use the Wildcat at the right time


First game of the season, and there were times where we got too cute. This crucial play in the game is one of them. I have a feeling the point of the play was not to score but make it a more manageable fourth down. Which is not a bad objective, but the efficiency of the play/formation looks like it hasn’t had much repetition.

The ball should have remained in Francois hands at this point in the game. I am all for this formation but would like to see it in the game earlier and often. Not in the crucial part in the game, where it hasn’t been repped yet.


Your Opinion


Obviously there is no where but up for this Seminole team. There are a lot of fixes that need to be made and we are here to spot the easy ones. The easy ones that need to be fixed right away to win next week against Samford and future games.

We want to know in the comment section below. What are some easy fixes that need to be made NOW!?