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by | Jul 31, 2018 | News

Florida State has been red hot on the recruiting trail since Willie Taggart has taken the helm. The few realistic Gator fans on social media were nervous of the Taggart hire, knowing the effect it would have on the recruiting trail. The Saturday Night Live event was an unbelievable opportunity for the Seminoles as the top recruits were on campus from the 2019 and 2020 class. This whole recruiting process under Taggart has been about establishing relationships and that is showing. So let us check up on how some mutual teams are doing in the Rivals recruiting rankings.

Rivals Team Recruiting Rankings


#5. Clemson (Star Average: 3.41)

#7. Florida State (Star Average: 3.81)

#16. NC State (Star Average: 3.10)

#17. Miami (Star Average: 3.41)

#26. Virginia Tech (Star Average: 3.21)

#29. Virginia (Star Average: 2.67)

#33. Wake Forest (Star Average: 2.67)

#38. Pittsburgh (Star Average: 2.69)

#39. Boston College (Star Average: 3.07)

#41. Duke (Star Average: 2.75)

#43. Florida (Star Average: 3.36)


These rankings can be interpreted in a couple of different ways. One is realizing that a team that has a higher star average than you, and is ranked lower is due to one reason. That team just does not have a high number of commits that the other team does.

For instance, Florida State’s star average is higher than Clemson’s but ranked lower. The reasoning for this is that Clemson has a higher number of commits (22) than Florida State (16).

This should also tell you that Coach Taggart is pulling the right shots and is being selective. He is pulling quality talent on board and not just anyone.

As much as I like to pick on the Gators, their low ranking deals with a low commitment number. But they are having some trouble on the trail, as they are getting slighted by higher recruits, and are starting to settle for more three stars. There is nothing wrong with a three star kid, but being at an elite program you have to be selective on the ones that fit for you. Mean while I think by February, the Gators will be seeing more three stars than they are used to. Plus it probably has to suck to scroll so far down to find your team listed.

Recruiting Reactions



            TiggerDroppings a LSU website with forum had a hilarious thread this week about five star offensive guard Kardell Thomas. With him being impressed with his visit, the whole recruiting community now knows of the honey fried chicken 😉



Realistic Gator fans are starting to see the problem with Mullen and recruiting.


The realistic Gator fans have some worry setting in.