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This weekend, Florida State had a successful recruiting event called Saturday Night Live. Some elite talent from the 2019/2020 recruiting class attended and competed. While there was a success of building relationships between coaches, prospects, and family there was a story that is being uncovered. Well, that story is being uncovered outside of Tallahassee that is. A national audience is observing how the #1 recruit Kayvon Thibodeaux is shedding light on how FAMU is a huge help towards FSU in recruiting. The die hard Seminole fan knows this but the causal fan does not. So let us dig deeper into this fact. Majority of prospects looking into Florida State spend time at Florida A&M which benefits FSU.

FAMU Attracts

The tweet above epitomizes what a lot of recruits think of Florida A&M. Whether they are looking at Florida State, and want to experience FAMU simutaneously or if they are lucky enough to hold interest from the Rattlers. FBS or FCS recruits, it doesn’t matter as it seems like there is one thing in common. Almost every prospect enjoys their time at Florida A&M.

James Coleman former FSU Player and Current GridironNow Writer

James Coleman who played fullback at FSU from 2002-2005 left interesting comments in one of his latest articles (linked above). The snapshot I have above gives proof from what was said in the beginning of the article. “Ask any Doak Boy and he will tell you he has spent some time “across the tracks.” That statement just gives further proof that prospects find Florida A&M unique as well did former FSU players. 

It has been happening for ages

The above quote was taken from a SI article in 1994 but shows this has been going on for a long time. If Bobby Bowden admitted it then, there is no telling how long it had been going on.


FSU and FAMU Together


Outside of football I know there has been things which has caused major disagreements between the two Universities. That is something I am not educated enough to discuss but I do know football can improve lives outside of its sport. Football is something that is bigger then itself and transitions into the real world.

I would love to see FSU and FAMU do something together to benefit each other. One of the popular things going on is satellite camps for colleges to collaborate at a certain location, and bring in prospects. Mercer University in Macon Ga. had one this year where tons of FBS schools, and even Jim Harbaugh showed up.

I think a mutually beneficial idea would be to do a one day camp to bring underclassmen talent into Tallahassee and get acclimated to both Universities. Maybe the camp could alternate at Florida A&M one year and Florida State with opportunities to see both schools. I am sure schools like UCF, USF, FIU, and FAU would love visits from those kids. An idea like that could put FAMU at a new vantage point.



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