Peter Warrick Top Moments #6

by | Jun 14, 2018 | ACC, FSU, News

It is Peter Warrick Wednesday and we are inching closer to that top spot. Moment number six involves two different games where Peter Warrick had a huge impact. These two games were against former Big 12 power Texas A&M and PAC-10 power Southern California. In each game Peter Warrick had a huge impact, and did not shy away from the major spot light. In his career besides the two non conference rivalries, and bowl game opponents, these were the two biggest teams he saw in his career. Let us take a closer look on this moment, and how Peter Warrick shined in the two biggest out of conference games.


1998 Texas A&M


There is a trend about FSU football most seasons, and it happens at the very beginning. If you are scheduled to play FSU in week one, there is a great chance it will be national game of the week. This was definitely true in the 1998 season, opening against a top 15 Texas A&M team that went on to win the Big 12. Believe it or not Texas A&M had the lead until the end of the third quarter, and then the gif above happened.

This game featured two offensive stars, one being RB Travis Minor, and our guy Peter Warrick! Future Heisman winning trophy quarterback Chris Weinke threw for 207 yards, and half of those yards were from Peter Warrick. Even when Peter didn’t have the ball, the Aggies made sure he had their full attention. This moment deserves to be on here showing that Peter Warrick could put a solid showing against the best in the Big 12, and one of the better teams in the country.


PDUB vs. Texas A&M


Receptions: 9

Receiving Yards: 106

Average: 11.8

TDs: 1

All Purpose Yards: 159


Peter Warrick vs. Southern Cal


In one of the most unique home and home series of the 1990’s saw FSU and USC facing off near the end of the decade. In that point of the 1998 season, the Noles were looking to make a statement after surprisingly losing to NCSU two weeks earlier. A statement was definitely made as the Noles won 30-10. A statement was also made by Peter Warrick, showing he is the best wide receiver in college football.

While Peter Warrick only touched the ball eight times on offense, each time was well used. He put Southern Cal defenders on caution as they could not keep up with his shifty movements, as seen above. This moment deserves on this list, as Peter Warrick separated himself from a blue blood program. Even though this USC team went 8-5, they were good enough to beat a top ten Notre Dame team.


Peter Warrick vs. Southern Cal

Receptions: 6

Receiving Yards: 112

Average: 18.7

All Purpose Yards: 154


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