Yes, Cam Akers will get QB reps this season

by | Mar 20, 2018 | ACC, FSU, News

Yes, we have heard this hypothetical situation since the kid got on campus, and you will keep hearing it. Cam Akers was an amazing high school quarterback, and even showed off his arm once this past season. With the idea of lethal simplicity from Taggart and Bell, there is a concern of a lack of mobility at quarterback. There is also concern at QB depth, with no QB signed this past recruiting class, and only two healthy scholarship quarterback’s on the roster right now. Not lining up Cam Akers at quarterback this season would be a disservice to the team.


Current FSU offensive coordinator Walt Bell had the most adversity last season where he lost several QB’s to injury at Maryland. FSU head coach Willie Taggart had the same troubles as they lost their starting QB at Oregon as well.

At one point Maryland had two 50+ offensive performances, and a 2-0 record before they had to dip to their third string quarterback. Oregon under Taggart was 4-1 until they had to resort to their back up quarterback. Football is a brutal game, injuries happen, and the next man up has to be everyone’s mantra. Both of these coaches will do anything in their future to be prepared for the worst of the worst.

Why we wouldn’t see Cam Akers getting substantial quarterback reps, having his own package? Against Texas, Walt Bell called five designed quarterback runs……in the first quarter!

Win, Win and Win

As the tweet from us above ask, “who on the FSU roster is going to run that play from the quarterback position (a play the current FSU OC called)?” The only player I see running that play to success is Cam Akers or Khalan Laborn. The Maryland QB who scored on that play is three inches taller than Cam Akers, and the passing skills aren’t that much better than Akers. Honestly I could see a package with Akers, Laborn, and Patrick all in the backfield together.

The thought process that Taggart and Bell are going to remold their offense to the mobility of Blackman, Francois, and Hockman is ridiculous. All of the same play calling that requires mobility from the QB position will still be there. All three quarterbacks will be forced to step out of their comfort zone, and play a role they weren’t expected to.  I do think the offense can be adapted some for Akers or another RB to take direct snaps, to take pressure off the normal quarterback. Let us not forget, with simple passing reads Akers can air it out as well.


Bottom Line: With two brilliant offensive minded coaches, who love mobility from the QB position, and trick plays this is going to happen. Cam Akers will have his fair share reps at quarterback, whether it be speed options, read options, designed runs, or designed passes. Leave a comment below of what your thoughts of Cam Akers having his own package.


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