Analyzing the Spring Roster

by | Mar 20, 2018 | News

Last week Willie Taggart and company released the roster for the spring. The roster had 65 Seminoles on it which gives plenty of room for the rest of the 2018 class to implement in. From my calculations, it seems like a few walk-ons will be awarded scholarships in the fall as well. We have our own table of the spring roster, and we also included each players rivals rankings. We used Rivals prospect ranking system as we find them superior than the others, as they have been doing it longer. So check out the spring roster table below and the analytics with it. Looking at the table, Willie Taggart should be able to win NOW!

Spring Roster

[table id=13 /]

Star Break Down

Five Stars: 8
Four Stars: 35
Three Stars: 18
Two Stars: 3
N/A: 1
Total: 65

Star Averages/Number by Position

QB: 3.66 (3)
RB: 4.33 (6)
WR: 3.16 (6)
TE: 3.12 (4)
OL: 3.75 (12)
DT: 3.5 (8)
DE: 3.8 (6)
LB: 3.37 (8)
DB: 4.1 (10)

The 2018 Recruiting Class

*Note some have already early enrolled