Former Metro Conference Buddies

by | Dec 18, 2017 | News

True FSU fans that follow all of FSU athletics are very comfortable seeing the Southern Miss name. Even though Southern Miss is not a fellow a power five team, it is a regional respected program we are use to seeing. The last time we have played the Southern Miss Eagles on a neutral field we lost (1989). In fact Southern Miss used to own the series record against Florida State until 1978, as FSU started to separate itself from other regional programs. In every sport but football these athletic programs used to be in the Metro Conference (now defunct). The last year FSU was in the metro conference they shared the baseball conference championship with Southern Miss in 1991. On December 27th, it will be kind of cool to see the old foes reunite. (If you didn’t know the Metro Conference and Great Midwest Conference merged to created the present day CUSA).


FSU vs. Southern Miss in all sports


  • Football: FSU leads 13-8-1
  • Mens Basketball: FSU leads 17-8
  • Baseball: FSU leads 38-12
  • Womens Basketball: Southern Miss leads 4-16
  • Softball: FSU leads 14-5



Metro Conference Championships (baseball & basketball)


Florida State: 13

Southern Miss: 1