“Follow the Money”

by | Nov 7, 2017 | News

Do you remember a couple of years ago when the rumors started swirling that Nick Saban might actually go to Texas? While Nick Saban could have all he ever wanted at Alabama, it was leaked he could have even more at Texas. More money, more benefits, whatever he asked it was going to be done. Truth be told, Nick Saban never planned on leaving Alabama, yet got an extension and raise after these rumors. The person responsible for this was easy to find out if you remembered the cliche “Follow the Money.” The only man that benefited from a Saban extension besides Saban himself was Jimmy Sexton. Jimmy Sexton is Nick Saban’s agent, and he is also the agent for Jimbo Fisher.

Rule Numero Uno

If you see that rumors are swirling around your head coach, think of the agent first. That is the first rule, whenever you hear of this. Think of if the agent will benefit from this, and then realize if you have to take it serious or not. Jimmy Sexton represents many college head coaches like Jimbo Fisher, and athletes like Jimmy Graham.

Remember the LSU rumors we have been hearing a few times? The person responsible for this confusion, was of course Jimmy Sexton. This resulted in Jimbo getting a raise and extension until 2024.

Now this week there are rumors that Texas A&M has rising interest in Jimbo Fisher. While A&M is one of the wealthiest universities, it is to be imagined at a 3-5 record there is no leverage for Sexton this time. So when you keep hearing this rumor, or more rumors simply think “Follow the Money.”