Why mid-season changes are not always best

by | Nov 6, 2017 | News

While fans are still extremely disappointed in assistant coaches, and some disappointed in the head coach, composure has to take place. While this could be used as future reference, many fans would not hesitate to push the “your fired” button. While changes are in need in Tallahassee, there are some places that could not wait. Our primary example is in mediocrity Gainesville, where mid-season change was not the best option.

Mid-season change causes season ending chaos

We all know the Gators fired Jim McElwain when they did to avoid the 12$ million buyout, but they basically sacrificed their 2017 season. Not only did interim head coach Randy Shannon get dismantled by mediocre Missouri, but maybe crushed the confidence of the future Feleipe Franks by playing Zaire instead.

With the uncertainty going on in Gainesville without McElwain, it seems like it will get worse. If it ever happens where FSU needs to fire a head coach, I hope they let him at least finish majority of the season. What Florida did was not fair to the kids they have. They sacrificed this season, and it will cause an embarrassment. Where do you see another Florida win this season?

Waiting until the end of the season can hold things somewhat together

We all know Butch Jones and most likely Kevin Sumlin are dead men walking. While they are having terrible seasons, both teams have great chances to make the post season still. Which is very important to hold it together, and bring a new coach in without dealing with total chaos.

Final Thoughts

Yes we know…..Charles Kelly, Rick Trickett, and some others need to go, but be thankful there will be a timing for it. FSU has a great chance to extend their bowl streak now. If the fans would have gotten what they wanted, when they wanted, the team could have mailed in the season a long time ago. Something that may happen in Gainesville, but should never happen in Tallahassee.