FSU and Clemson rivalry history

by | Nov 6, 2017 | News

The rivalry game between FSU and Clemson was inaugurated in 1970 with Florida State crushing the Clemson Tigers 30-13. For most part of the rivalry, the favor has gone to FSU, but it has been different in recent history. Some of the frustrations FSU fans have right now is the thought of Clemson passing us. With 2015, 2016 and now 2017 it seems like miles and miles separate us and Clemson. Many feel that Jimbo is the better coach than Dabo schematics wise, but not the better head coach. Jimbo is a loyalist, and surrounds himself with coaches he has past relationships with. While Dabo surrounds himself with some of the best in the sport, and it has been paying off for him. While FSU is a 17 point underdog, the frustrations will still be shown if the expected happen. Here at FifthQuarter we will be breaking down the game all week, but first let us look at the history.

The Golden Era and The New Era

The golden era of this rivalry for Florida State is when they won 11 straight from 1992-2002. When FSU came into the ACC, Clemson was considered the standard of the conference. FSU blew not only Clemson away, but every other team in the conference for 10+ years. Since the ACC has split into divisions, FSU/Clemson has represented the Atlantic Division in the conference championship game nine of the past twelve years.

Florida State and Clemson also gave the first ever meeting between a father and son. College football had never seen a combination like that. It was anointed as the “Bowden Bowl”, and we got to experience that special moments for nine seasons.

The new era is between Jimbo and Dabo. It seems like the two should be going at it for a long time from now. Given that Jimbo survives this disaster of a season, and Alabama does not poach Dabo in the future.

Saturday will be the 31st meeting of the two, what is your favorite moment of this rivalry game?