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Power 5 Teams without a Heisman Winner

by cfbmemes_
It's never too early to talk about Heisman Trophy Candidates. Here are our top four for 2023.

In 2022 there are a lot of things that you can brag about for your program. Most major programs were started before World War I, and have steadily built up accomplishments over the years. Many can brag about their national championships, conference championships, and bowl game winners. Some can even tout they have rolled out the best player in college football, as they have Heisman Trophies in their trophy room. The Heisman trophy has been awarded 87 times and has a lot of representation throughout college football. Would you believe me that there are 30+ Power 5 teams without a Heisman Winner? Credit to BigGameBoomer and his college football list, because I did not.

Power 5 Teams without a Heisman Winner

Looking up and down the list, some of these teams surprise me. Arkansas, Clemson, Georgia Tech, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan State, Ole Miss, and Tennessee can all boast National Championships. Some of them can even brag about multiple National Championships. Yet none of those teams have a Heisman Winner. Virginia Tech had one of the most electrifying players in college football Michael Bick, yet they do not have a Heisman Trophy winner. I think Clemson shocks me most of all, especially recently having Watson and Lawrence as candidates. Which one of these teams do you think comes off this list first?

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