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Three Tips for NAIA Football Freshmen

by cfbmemes_

Photo courtesy of Morningside athletics

With National Signing Day two weeks away, there is going to be a host of high school prospects inking their letters of intent.

Not to long ago, many NAIA programs would welcome the majority of their classes after National Signing Day. This is not the case anymore; many will go ahead and ink on the actual day.

With that being said, we have some general tips to pass down to upcoming NAIA freshman. You have almost six months until your move-in date, but let’s be proactive.

Here are three tips for NAIA guys, from a guy who has been there:

1. Become Familiar with Your Major’s Degree Plan

Unless you had the highest test scores, grade-point average, a nice FAFSA, or elite ability, the NAIA process is costly for most. You have to realize this is your investment. You need to be prepared.

Be prepared to know what it will take to wrap up your bachelor’s in four years or less. This also gives you the opportunity to perhaps be a graduate assistant at the place you played and an opportunity for the school to pay for your master’s.

The key is to stay consistent and be timely for your degree plan.

2. Don’t Talk About Missed Division I Opportunities

If you want to make an ass out of yourself, then do the opposite of this. No one cares that you broke your pinky and that Nick Saban pulled your offer.

You and your teammates have all ended up at the same place. Put all of your energy into making your program the best. This goes for coaching staffs as well.

No one cares that Terry Bowden brought all those FBS transfers to D-II North Alabama. He still couldn’t win a national championship. Take pride in your NAIA school, and leave the past behind.

3. Do Not Stay in Your Dorm 24/7

We get it; football does take up majority of your time, but you might be surprised at some of the free time you do have. Many NAIA schools have low enrollment numbers as most are small schools.

Don’t stay pent up in your dorm during all your free time. Go out, make connections, study somewhere else, anything. If you stay in your dorm room all the time, there’s a good chance you will become homesick and attempt to leave the program.