NAIA Tackling Leaders

With the season concluded, we are able to take a final look at who led in significant statistics in the NAIA. Today we are focused on the defensive end, looking at the NAIA Tackling Leaders. We all know that championship teams have their foundation around their defense, and the NAIA is no stranger to that.

Today we will look at NAIA Tackling leaders by individual and maybe even some leaders of making tackles behind the line of scrimmage. I think it’s important to remember that majority of these guys only played ten games. If your name is on this list and you only played ten games that’s really impressive.

NAIA Tackling Leaders (Solo)

#1 Jacob Hockett Taylor 71 Tackles
#2 Parker Fryar Northwestern 68 Tackles
#3 Treden Davis-Reed Presentation 65 Tackles
#3 Hennessey Thomas St Mary 65 Tackles
#5 Jake Davis Madonna 63 Tackles
#6 Blake Kight Missouri Baptist 62 Tackles
#7 Zak Alberts St Ambrose 61 Tackles
#7 Braxton Bates Presentation 61 Tackles
#9 Jonathan Morton UPIKE 60 Tackles
#10 Harlan Plumber William Penn 59 Tackles
#10 Jaelin Willis Keiser 59 Tackles

What’s semi-crazy about this top ten list is that only Northwestern’s Parker Fryar made the first-team All-American list. While many of these guys made their All-Conference teams. Regardless these statics for solo tackles are impressive.

NAIA Tackling Leaders (Total)

#1 Treden Davis-Reed Presentation 134 Tackles
#2 Jacob Hockett Taylor 122 Tackles
#3 Parker Fryar Northwestern 120 Tackles
#3 AJ Hemphill Ottawa 120 Tackles
#5 Major Niccum Iowa Wesleyan 118 Tackles
#5 Hennessey Thomas St Mary 118 Tackles

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NAIA Tackling Leaders (Tackles For Loss)

#1 Major Niccum Iowa Wesleyan 24 TFL
#2 Micah Latin Louisiana Christian 23 TFL
#3 Christian Mable Florida Memorial 22.5 TFL
#4 Logan Brimmer Louisiana Christian 21.5 TFL
#4 Jeremy Walton Trinity International 21.5 TFL

It’s kind of wild to see that Major Niccum made honorable mention for NAIA All-American. I feel like he definitely had high-quality statistics to maybe earn a little more. One of the most talked about teams coming up this offseason is Louisiana Christian who scored a few upsets this season. Latin was a senior this past season, but they have to be happy getting Brimmer back for 2023.

What statistics would you like to see us cover next?