NAIA Reception Kings

Yesterday we had an article focusing on the interception Kings of the NAIA. Today is all about those Wide Receivers that have a demand for the ball. A dominant wide receiver is a quarterback’s best friend. With only one game remaining only one Wide Receiver has an opportunity to move up in the statistical rankings. Your top guys below are pretty much set in stone. So let’s go ahead and look at the guys who led the league in receptions.

#1: Korrell Koehlmoos CUNE 95 Receptions

#2: Gerald Monroe Graceland 93 Receptions

#3: Jacquez Carter Indiana Wesleyan 79 Receptions

#4: Zach Norton Morningside 78 Receptions

#5: Justin Pringle St Xavier 73 Receptions

#6: Michael Storey Northwestern 72 Receptions

#7: Ben Stevens Marian 71 Receptions

#8: Austin Johnson Morningside 70 Receptions

#9: Micah Madyun Jamestown 65 Receptions

#9: Luke Sheperson Campbellsville 65 Receptions

#11: O’Vauntay Vickers Judson 64 Receptions

I think many have to remember that majority of these guys only had ten games to get this done. What Monroe was able to accomplish at Graceland was video game-type numbers. He led all receivers in the NAIA with 1,518 receiving yards. There are players in the NAIA, so do not doubt these guys.

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