NAIA Passing Leaders

As we enter Thanksgiving week we want to make sure we highlight the statistical leaders in the NAIA. While a very few are blessed to add on to their numbers, majority are concrete with their season totals. Earlier last week we listed the top NAIA running backs according to rushing yards. If you want to check that out click here. Today we are going to list out the NAIA Quarterbacks that have the most passing yards on the season. So check out the list for the NAIA Passing Leaders.


NAIA Passing Leaders

#1: Joaquin Collazo III Bethel TN 3,331 Passing Yards

#2: Nathan Herstich Bluefield 3,183 Passing Yards

#3: Joe Dolincheck Morningside 2,935 Passing Yards

#4: Garrett Kettle Benedictine 2,921 Passing Yards

#5: Tyler Kulka Lawrence Tech 2,849 Passing Yards

#6: Johnny Sullivan Grand View 2,777 Passing Yards

#7: Tim Salmon Mayville State 2,726 Passing Yards

#8: Isiah Saddler Texas College 2,601 Passing Yards

#9: DJ McGarvie CUNE 2,553 Passing Yards

#9: Cade Torgerson Jamestown 2,553 Passing Yards

Please remember that there is context added to this. Some QB’s have a different number of games played than others on the list. To see the list with context check out the official presto sports website.