Modern Golden Era of Michigan Football

It wasn’t long ago that Michigan and Jim Harbaugh were easy punching bags in the college football world. To their inability to beat Ohio State, win the Big Ten, and struggles to be consistent major winners. Michigan has had several golden Eras’s throughout its football history. I am telling you now we are currently living at the start of a new one. Right now is the modern golden era of Michigan football. It hasn’t even come close to peaking but it is trending that way.

The Data

  • The last time Ohio State has beaten Michigan it has been 1,108 days.
  • Michigan has now won the Big Ten Conference Back to Back.
  • Current win streaks against every main Big Ten Rival.
  • 14 Game Conference Win Streak.
  • Jim Harbaugh, Lloyd Carr, Bo Schembechler, and Fielding Yost are the only coaches in Michigan history with back to back ten win seasons.

I think Michigan fans should be excited but also enjoy the moment. There are only a handful of programs that have made back-to-back appearances in the college football playoffs. Michigan has finally got it going again and I truly think no matter what happens this postseason they are here to stay. Right now Michigan fans are starting to enjoy their modern golden era.