Missing: First-Round Draft Picks

Now that the college football season has concluded there is a ton of talent preparing for the NFL Combine or their Pro Days. As we all know there are only 32 NFL Teams, so there will only be 32 Players able to hear their names selected in the first round.

There are a ton of collegiate teams that are used to hearing their players being selected in the first round. Right now for the University of Alabama and the University of Georgia, it has become a normal expectation. With Nick Saban entering the scene in 2007 the Crimson Tide has risen to third all-time in the category of first-round draft picks. While the University of Georgia is close to cracking the Top Ten and will probably do so this cycle.

The consistent success of having first-round picks is an amazing blueprint to keep talented recruits rolling in. Consistent years of first-round picks correlate well with top recruiting classes.

But what about the teams that do not have any first-round picks? Teams that cannot claim a first-round pick even exist in their history. Right now in Major FBS College Football, there are 21 teams who have never heard of one of their players selected in the first round.

A common misconception could be that there these teams are just horrible, yet it’s not necessarily the case. Take for instance Florida International. They have had talented players drafted and do well in the NFL like TY Hilton, but just haven’t found that elite guy yet to come through.

As we said earlier that consistent first-round picks correlate with elite recruiting classes, and it goes the other direction as well. Teams that have never had a first-round pick, have never had an elite recruiting class.

I think it’s also important to remember that all of these 21 schools are Group of Five Programs. Some of these haven’t been around long enough either. So without further ado here is the list of the programs that do not have any NFL First Round Draft Picks.


Air Force
Appalachian State
Arkansas State
Ball State
Coastal Carolina
Georgia Southern
Georgia State
Kent State
Middle Tennessee State
New Mexico State
Old Dominion
South Alabama
Texas State
Western Kentucky

I think it’s important to remember that two of these teams on this list are armed service programs. With the responsibility to have to serve in our Armed Forces, being drafted into the NFL is difficult for each academy.

We would love to hear from you on our forum about which team you think will come off this list first. These programs have seen talented guys before, eventually, an elite guy will hear their name in the first round.

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