Middle Tennessee University’s Football Team Celebrates Triumphant Victory with Bowl Rings

Middle Tennessee University’s football team is continuing to celebrate their successful season, with the presentation of their celebratory bowl rings. Each ring features the final score of their triumphant victory over Miami, a game which gave the team a definitive moment in what was otherwise an up and down season. The game saw Middle Tennessee generate over 500 yards in total offense, with a resounding victory of 45-31 over an otherwise formidable opponent.

The win over Miami will go down in Middle Tennessee University’s history as a shining moment. Defying all expectations, the team defied their underdog status and played with impressive strength and resilience. Even Rick Stockstill, the team’s coach, admits that there was nothing fluky about the victory.

“I’m all Middle Tennessee, but I can promise you my phone is blowed up with texts or whatever from my Florida State pals…So, I know Tallahassee, I know they’re pretty excited about the mighty Blue Raiders kicking these Hurricanes’ tail, because we kicked their tail and I ain’t afraid to say it.”

By doing so, the team has managed to defy even the expectations of their coach. Stockstill – himself, a former quarterback for the football team during his college days at Florida State – was particularly excited for the team’s big win at Miami, admitting that it’s one of his all-time favourites. While the win over Missouri in 2016 held a special place for him, the win at Miami will be one for the books.

“I told our team earlier in the week that Ray Lewis and Michael Irvin and all them cats, they ain’t coming out the smoke. They ain’t coming out the tunnel. Have a strong belief in yourself, have a strong belief in your team and don’t flinch. Don’t look at the scoreboard, just keeping playing. And that’s what we did man. Just a phenomenal win man, a phenomenal win for these guys.”

Ultimately, the Blue Raiders have proved that sometimes the biggest reward is in simply playing a game that you love fervently and enjoying the moments of victory when they come. The football team will be able to cherish their bowl rings for years to come, with the Miami game always serving as a benchmark to inspire the team in seasons to come.