Michigan’s Defensive Coordinator Talks About the Most Self-Made Player on the Roster

Michigan’s defensive coordinator Jesse Minter is expecting big things from defensive lineman Jaylen Harrell this season. Harrell has been working extremely hard this spring and Minter has noticed. He called Harrell one of the most consistent and complete players on the roster, possessing technical skills and a strong work ethic which has been unparalleled. The defensive coach went on to state that Harrell is the most self-made player at Michigan.

In high school, Harrell played MIKE linebacker but has easily transitioned to defensive edge with the Wolverines. Minter praised Harrell’s study habits that have helped to make him a force on the field. Last year, he may not have had the most impressive stats, but his consistency, disciplined moments, and ability to set the edge made him a valuable asset to the team.

The coach also highlighted Harrell’s key play in the game against Ohio State. His fourth-down block before halftime helped the Wolverines keep the deficit to three points, which then allowed the team to gain dominance on the field in the second half. Minter believes that play was a major source of confidence for the Wolverines.

Minter is expecting big things from Harrell this year and that his progression and versatility will lead to a successful season for Michigan.