Meet Lexie Adzija: Co-Captain for Quinnipiac University

Photo provided by Lexie Adzija

Lexie Adzija was named co-captain for the 2022-2023 season for the Quinnipiac along with her teammate Zoe Boyd. Adzija is from St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada. She was named Mandi Schwartz Student-Athlete of the Year in 2022 (ECAC Hockey Student-Athlete of the Year). Prior to coming to Quinnipiac, Adzija was named her to the 2018 Canada U18 – World Championship squad that competed in Dmitrov, Russia and played in the 2017 Summer Series. She is a two-time Gold Medalist with Team Ontario Red at the Canada National Women’s U18 Championship. She also tied for the team lead in goals with four in the 2016 Championship and finished second on the team in goals. We caught up with Adzija as she continues her final season of college hockey.

1. What is your favorite hockey memory?

.Going to Russia with team Canada for the U18 world championships and this year playing the outdoor game at Fenway.

2. Being a D1 athlete is a shock to many people, what was the biggest suprise so far in college hockey?

The speed of college hockey is a lot different and is definitely an adjustment. You also have to learn how to balance and excel both on the ice and in the classroom, so time management is crucial!

3. What is your favorite arena you have played at?

Playing in front of a sold-out crowd at Wisconsin last year was a really cool experience but I love our barn, there’s nothing like playing at home (especially when you have as nice of facilities as we do).

4. & 5. When you were named co-captain of Quinnipiac, what your first thoughts? What does it mean to you to be named captain?

Grateful and honored. I thought about all the others that wore the C before me and just felt super honored to have my name along side theirs. It’s a super special feeling, it means that my teammates look up to me to lead and expect me to set a good example and do the right thing. I have tried my best to learn from all the amazing captains that I had my first few years at Quinnipiac and am trying to fill their big shoes and represent the program to the best of my ability.

6. Growing up in Canada, hockey was the life for many kids. Women’s hockey has started to grow into a bigger thing in North America, what is one thing you want to continue to advocate for the growth of the game?

I want people to see the talent the Women’s game has and to realize yes, it is different than the Men’s game but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t good. I will continue to try and use my social media to spread awareness of issues and promote Women’s hockey. I will also continue to participate in coaching and helping young girls in my community improve which will in turn help grow the game!

7. What is your favorite hockey lingo to you?

My brother made a video when he was younger on how to go “bar down” so this is a joke we’ve had for years so because of that, bar down would probably be my favorite lingo.

8. What are your life goals after Quinnipiac?

First for hockey, to continue my playing career in the PHF and to continue in the hockey Canada program with the hopes of playing in the Olympics and at World Championships. I also have been working on an app and some other business ideas so focusing on those in the hopes of owning my own business down the road!


Career Stats as of January 30th, 2023

Goals: 40

Assists: 66

Shots: 475

Penalty minutes: 50

Power-play-goals: 9

Game winning goals: 4

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Other Information

TikTok: @LexieAdzija

Instagram: @lexie_adzija88