Meet John Cooper: Franklin County High School Newest Football Coach

John Cooper is going to be one of the youngest head coaches in the state of Florida but he come into Franklin County High School with over a decade of playing and coaching under his belts. His main goal for the the Seahawks is to keep the players here instead of transferring out to other schools. Cooper played 4 years at the NAIA level (Faulkner) and he hopes to continue to keep the love of the game with him. He has many ideas to help improve the Seahawks and get more than two wins in a three year span. We asked him a little about himself so the parents and the players can see who their new head coach will be.

#1 Why did you decide to apply Franklin County Head Coach football opening?

The previous experience I had at Franklin in 2017 made it an easy decision. I fell in love with the community and kids. Being apart of their first winning season that year was magical.

#2 Between now and fall camp what is your #1 goal?

A lesson I learned from a previous mentor Coach Tony Yeomans was to “keep chopping Wood.” Get these kids to buy in everyday and for them to understand being a Franklin County Seahawk has meaning.

#3 What does this program mean to you?

The program means excitement to me. It’s a blank canvas that has the tools to be successful. I’m excited to work with these kids.

#4 What is your main goal with your players?

My main goal is for these players to attain discipline in all phases of life. Discipline doesn’t care how you feel on certain days, you do what your supposed to do.

#5 How do you see this program in 5 years?

I see Franklin County as a program that consistently makes the playoffs within five years.

#6 What is your main goal for 2023 season?

My main goal is for these players to obtain discipline so they can compete at their highest level game in and game out.