Meet Jerimiah Spicer: LB Goes from Homeless in Downtown L.A. on Skid Row to XFL Draft Pool

Photo provided by Jerimiah Spicer

Jerimiah Spicer is a linebacker who played college football at Riverside City College. He was born in Skid Row in Los Angeles, where the area is filled with homelessness, drugs, and mental illness.

We caught up with Spicer as he prepares for the 2023 XFL Draft. He hopes to continue to show why he deserves to keep playing the sport he loves professionally.

1. If you had one thing to say to an NFL or XFL general manager, what would you say?

I would say I’m the No. 1 versatile linebacker on the market. I can dominate at outside linebacker, middle linebacker, defensive line, special teams, fullback; and I never quit — no matter what. I’m your guy you need in the fourth quarter when it counts. I make plays back-to-back consistently and also can read a play before the ball is hiked.

2. What are you doing now prepare for the 2023 XFL Draft

I’m in the gym and running the mountains and trying to focus all my energy to football.

3. What was your favorite stadium to have played in?

My favorite stadium I played at was the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas.

4. Going from homeless in high school to college to possible professional football, what has the journey taught you? What was the point that made you happiest?

My journey taught me to keep going no matter what, especially after my mom and grandma died. I can’t give up; I got to keep going and motivating people who are going through the same thing. Being out here by yourself is a scary thing but you can’t have no fear. You have to get an opportunity. My happiest moment was when the (NFL’s Los Angeles) Chargers brought me in and then when I got drafted into the XFL in 2020.

5. Being a potential XFL player must feel amazing. When you got the call from the XFL, what was your first thought?

The first thing I thought was I’m one step closer. I got to keep going. Yes, sir — I was happy.

6. How does it feel to be able to keep playing after college ball?

Playing after college was amazing. I met so many people along the way; we are all friends now.

7. What was the biggest surprise with playing “spring league” football?

COVID(-19) got us sent home in the spring league. It was a tough year for us as athletes. I was supposed to go to camp with the (Las Vegas) Raiders, (Pittsburgh) Steelers and (Dallas) Cowboys, but they couldn’t bring 90 guys into camp because of COVID.

8. What was your favorite memory at Riverside City College?

The knowledge I learned at Riverside College was to be a blue-collar athlete. I learned to never cross no lines and do everything the right way.


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