Meet Geo Courides: The Man Behind USF Football’s Off-Season Training Program

George “Geo” Courides is the new strength and conditioning coach for USF football. A driven and relentless worker, Courides brings a unique blend of old-school work ethic and modern training techniques to the Bulls. Across his chest and arms, tattooed portraits of his grandparents — immigrants from Greece and Poland — serve as inspiration for the new coach.

Courides was brought to USF by head coach Alex Golesh, with whom he had built a strong relationship at Iowa State. Golesh’s meticulous attention to detail and the support of his entire coaching staff makes for an effective team that Courides praises as hardworking and talented.

The offseason work that a good strength and conditioning coach puts in is often expressed in how well the team performs during the regular season. Courides understands this well and has built a reputation for being a coach that genuinely cares about his players’ well-being.

At USF, the focus is on the players’ hopes and dreams, while seeing them at their best (and worst). An effective strength and conditioning coach can often make the difference in a team turning the corner. With Golesh’s approach of leaving no stone unturned, Courides has the backing he needs to help his players achieve success on the field.

Courides also emphasizes the importance of transparency in his training programs, explaining to players the purpose of every exercise and how each session will progress. Often, players are working with exercises and equipment specific to different points of motion, translating directly into the skill set needed for their position.

Courides also builds competition into his training sessions, creating a safe yet uncomfortable environment in which players must push themselves and each other to their limits. By doing so, they can learn how to respond to adversity, grow from it, and become better players.

For Courides, it all boils down to showing up and working hard every single day. His upbringing instilled in him an old-school work ethic that drives him to motivate his players to be their best selves. And with his skills and dedication, USF’s football team is in good hands.

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