Meet Danny Kaelin: The Next Homegrown Quarterback for the Nebraska Cornhuskers

Nebraska has a long-standing tradition of depending on homegrown talent, especially when it comes to quarterbacks. The latest star expected to uphold this tradition is Danny Kaelin, a quarterback recruit who’s soon set to take on the mantle for Husker’s 2024 team. Assuming Kaelin gets to start a game for Nebraska, his name will join the generous list of Husker quarterbacks from Nebraska.

Kaelin, heading into his senior year at Bellevue West High this fall, grew up as a passionate Huskers fan and always aspired to play for the team. It appears that his dream will materialize sooner rather than later.

The list of homegrown Husker quarterbacks is a long and impressive one including names such as: Eric Crouch, Bob Churchich, Scott Frost, Steve Runty, Clete Blakeman, Craig Sundberg, Tim Hager, Gerry Gdowski, Matt Turman, Ron Kellogg III, Monte Christo, John Faiman, Pat Fischer, Travis Turner, Jeff Quinn, Ryker Fyfe, and Noah Vedral. The list features quarterbacks who have played for the Huskers since the early ’60s, overlooking those who played prior to that decade, with an exception for Pat Fisher who played till 1960.

As for Danny Kaelin’s future, will he bag a Heisman or help the Huskers clinch a national championship? That’s a question without a definitive answer. But history suggests that in Nebraska, anything is indeed possible.

As the Huskers gear up for the upcoming season, with the season opener just over 60 days away, the anticipation is palpable. The latest recruiting news, including the exciting prospect of Danny Kaelin’s arrival, only whets the appetite for what’s to come.