Meet Andrew Cherico: Inspiring UCF Sport Journalist

Andrew Cherico is from the state of New York and a current sophomore at UCF. He is a huge advocator for educating and empowering children and adults with disabilities. His latest video breakdown of UCF be from here.

1. What/who inspired you to be the person you are?

To start off, my parents have a big influence on the man I am today because of my parents. My parents built the character I have, taught me respect, morals and how to persevere through anything. Secondly I would say my younger self reflecting on the past me, I was very shy, often mad at the world and simply pessimistic. It wasn’t until my middle teenage years that I found love in myself. Looking back at my former self I promised myself I’ll live everyday to the absolute fullest.

2. Why did you choose UCF as you are from New York?

I chose UCF because I simply loved the culture and weather. When I was visiting my Uncle I came for my first visit and I instantly fell in love, I new it was the right school for me and my future career which is to be a professional sports analyst.

3. What has been your biggest moment as a sports journalist?

I’m still very new to the journalist field as I only started in April but my favorite moment by far was being able to meet and talk with UCF living legend Shaquem at a welcome back to UCF talk. I’m also very proud my JRP jersey giveaway was able to takeoff the way it did and donate to a great cause for the Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children.

4. If someone was in your situation, what are your biggest tips.

If Someone were in my situation, keep fighting no matter the situation you are in It will get better. There is an entire world to conquer so be loud, chase your opportunities and keep persevering.

5. What common issue/problem do you come across with your situation in a wheelchair?

A common issue I face being in a wheecis simply being unrepresented. There is still to many places that don’t have the accessibility they should. Another Issue I have is running into people who’s self esteem is ruined by being in a wheelchair. It’s sad but it’s all too common, I give the best advice I could but words only help so much.

6. What is your ultimate goal as a journalist?

My goal as journalist right now is to keep refining my craft to eventually reach the position of being one of the few sports analysts/reporters on a national scale. Because that would also give me a platform to continue to advocate for people with disabilities all around the world trying to chase their dreams.

7. What is your favorite sports moment that you have witnessed in person?

My Favorite sports moment that I’ve had in person was definitely meeting my favorite basketball player of all time Russell Westbrook after a game in the Barclays of the Rockets vs Nets.

8. When did you realize that you could become a journalist in sports?

I realized I could become a sports journalist once I put my mind to it. I definitely have to give credit to the great community that UCF Twitter is for welcoming me so kindly which gave me motivation to keep going!