Jimbo Fisher Takes Light-Hearted Dig at Rival TCU, Faces Criticism on Social Media

Jimbo Fisher couldn’t help but take a light-hearted dig at in-state rival TCU during a recent event at the Fort Worth Aggies Club. Speaking about TCU’s run to the national title game last season, Fisher remarked how everything changed for them once they faced the SEC.

While Fisher had success in previous seasons, the 5-7 record and a loss to Sun Belt team Appalachian State in 2022 has made him a target for criticism on social media as one of the highest-paid coaches in college football.

In fairness to Fisher, he did offer praise for TCU after the initial comment, drawing parallels to the 2020 9-1 Aggies team. He acknowledged that TCU “found those inches” and “found the chemistry” that his 2022 team was unable to replicate.

Fisher emphasized that the key to success isn’t a coaching secret but rather about creating habits and performing under pressure, something he credited TCU with doing.

TCU, led by Sonny Dykes, reached the national title game against Georgia after several clutch performances and close victories throughout the season, including a 51-45 semifinal win over Michigan. Unfortunately, their title run ended in a historic 63-7 loss to Kirby Smart’s UGA team.