Is Bo Nix the Next Big Thing in the NFL? Scouts Predict He Could Be a First-Round Pick

Photo by Oregon Football

Bo Nix, the Oregon Ducks quarterback, has been generating buzz among NFL scouts as a potential first-round pick in next year’s NFL Draft. Nix, who is expected to be 24 years old by the time of the draft, had a strong season in 2022, ranking eighth in college football with a QBR of 85.1. Former NFL head coach Marc Trestman reportedly sees Nix as “comparable” to CJ Stroud.

Although Nix had a successful season with the Ducks and was considered a Heisman Trophy contender before a late-season injury, his performance at Auburn has left some NFL teams wanting more. Entering the 2023 NFL Draft, Nix was projected to be a mid-to-late-round pick. While his time as a Duck saw him in a favorable position supported by a familiar offensive coordinator and a top offensive line, changes in these factors in 2023 may have affected his draft stock.

For the 2023 season, Oregon welcomes new offensive coordinator Will Stein and a revamped offensive line. These changes present an opportunity for Nix to showcase his skills and prove his worth to NFL scouts. Amid opinions that his draft grade in 2023 was around a fourth or fifth-rounder, Nix’s potential for a higher ranking is largely dependent on whether he can replicate or surpass his previous season’s performance, thus dispelling concerns that his success may have been a one-time occurrence.

If Nix can deliver another impressive season and demonstrate that his performance in 2022 was more than just a stroke of luck, he could certainly solidify his position as a first-round pick in the NFL Draft. As the college football season unfolds, all eyes will be on Nix to see if he can rise to the occasion and ultimately make his mark as a valuable asset in the NFL.