Introducing Ames Lager: How a Unique Partnership is Changing the Game for Iowa State Collective

We Will Collective is making a play for both attention and funding through a partnership with West O Beer. The result of this unique collaboration is the upcoming Ames Lager, crafted as a way to raise funds for the Iowa State collective through Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) rights. The exact split of revenue remains to be confirmed, but each case sold will yield a few dollars for the collective.

The hope is that Ames Lager will be ready for distribution before the end of July. This aligns with a significant event in Iowa, the Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa, fondly known as RAGBRAI. During the event, numerous cyclists will traverse central Iowa, including a stop in Ames.

While this partnership is a viable revenue stream for the collective, We Will Collective Executive Director Brent Blum emphasizes that the primary goal is exposure and fan engagement. The Twitter announcement of Ames Lager generated a considerable amount of interest, with the tweet garnering almost 200,000 impressions in the first four hours alone.

Blum expressed that hitting six figures in revenue would be an ideal outcome, but he also stressed that the main focus remains on marketing and brand building. He wants to appeal to their core supporters, many of whom are beer enthusiasts. Although there are no known oil tycoons among them, Blum confidently stated that they have many supporters who enjoy a cold brew.

Iowa State fans now have a new way to show their support – via a co-branded beer created in partnership with local brewery, West O Beer. The beer, named Ames Lager, adds Iowa State to the list of colleges such as Boise State, Cincinnati, and Iowa, which have all released their own co-branded beers.

Iowa State collective came up with the idea after noting the success of their counterparts and recognized a similar opportunity. The beer, developed with West O Beer, owned by Iowa State alums, aims to perfectly represent the collective’s energy and spirit.

The light American lager, sporting an alcohol volume in the low fours, is designed to appeal to the ordinary supporters, not “oil tycoons”. The collective understands their audience — people who enjoy a good beer while supporting their team.

Ames Lager goes beyond being just a drink. Each can comes with a QR code that directs consumers to the We Will Collective’s website. The goal behind the initiative is to encourage consumers to make further individual donations – contributions that could significantly benefit the collective.

Not limited to just stadiums, the beer will also hit stores by mid-August, just in time for the football season. The collective is hoping Iowa State fans statewide will be able to enjoy their co-branded beer while cheering on their team in the new season.